We Are Salvation Army Homes

A housing services provider that has been active since 1959. We are a specialist in supported accommodation and homes across England.


The number of homes we currently own or manage across England.


Later life accommodation options we have for people.


Local agencies, authorities and partners we co-deliver services with.


New homes planned during the next five years of our growth

What We Offer

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Supported Homes

With agency provided and directly managed supported homes we have safe and secure places for a variety of needs.

General Needs Homes

We have homes for individuals and families with both houses and flats available. We own all these properties directly.

Older Person Homes

We have options for retirement homes, and homes for retired Salvation Army officers, giving people quality of choice and quality of life.

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We are proud of our history but focussed on our future. We know a safe home is a crucial part of a successful life and we believe our homes can help people on their journey of personal transformation.
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Lynne Shea
Chief Executive
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The Salvation Army

We are part of the The Salvation Army family, a worldwide Christian church and registered charity that has been fighting against social inequality and transforming lives for over 150 years.

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