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Home Information

Find out more about the homes we provide for people across England.

What We Offer

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Supported Homes

With agency provided and directly managed supported homes we have safe and secure places for a variety of needs.

General Needs Homes

We have homes for individuals and families with both houses and flats available. We own all these properties directly.

Older Person Homes

We have options for retirement homes, and homes for retired Salvation Army officers, giving people quality of choice and quality of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to apply to Salvation Army Homes directly for all homes?

No. On our Home Search you can see who is the first point of contact for application. If you are unsure then please just contact us so we can help you directly.

I am unsure what house suits my needs best, who am I best speaking to before applying?

If you are already in contact with someone at Salvation Army Homes then please continue your conversation with them. If you have been referred to us then we will contact you directly using the personal details we have been given.

I am in urgent need of housing, who do I turn to?

We are so sorry to hear this. In your situation you should contact your local council and ask about the emergency housing options that are available.

Can I see your policies?

Absolutely, we have a Documents section on this website where we keep information on all the policies relevant to our homes.

We know how important home is to a person's safety, security and wellbeing. Our team is committed to delivering excellent services by doing the basics brilliantly.
Lynne Shea
Chief Executive
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