Customer Services Assistant

I have always been a people person, every role I’ve ever worked has been with the general public, I like being around people, helping in anyway that I can, even if it has been just raising a smile.

I’m very much a person that will do what it takes to make things better for someone, and I believe that Salvation Army Homes does exactly that, so I’m very excited to work somewhere that suits me in such a way.

I’ve seen the work that Salvation Army Homes does, as well as its mission, and I felt that I wanted to be a part of it.  

I’ve come from working in customer services, where I’ve learned what it takes to have difficult discussions with people.

Sometimes it could be a check in, a refusal of service, or even providing them with support that they may need. I learned what the signs of someone, whom I had never met before, being in distress, or even going potentially beyond their means, and doing what I could to make sure that they didn’t come to harm.

To be understanding individual and take the time to understand what we need to do, to make sure that I can transform someone's life. As Salvation Army Homes provides help to people from very different age groups, every time I handle a call or an email, it will require a differing approach, and I want everyone I communicate with to feel understood and do what it takes to make sure their needs are catered for.

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