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Damp & Mould


Please note this document contains our old name and branding but rest assured the content remains accurate and valid for Salvation Army Homes.

Damp and mould is a common problem and can be caused by a repair that needs to be done in your home or condensation.

At Saha we take damp and mould seriously and want to work with our residents to ensure that we make good any issues as quickly as possible.

What is Saha doing about damp and Mould?

Here at Saha our health and safety and compliance teams have developed a damp and mould policy which sets out how we are going to meet our landlord responsibilities and how we can make sure that damp and mould is managed properly, and that our residents are not exposed to any risk that could impact their health, safety, or wellbeing.

Our contact centre staff have received regular briefings from our Asset Management Team, alongside enhanced scripting, and written information to enable them to offer advice and guidance to you when you get in touch with any concerns.

We have briefed our site staff to continually be on the lookout for signs of damp and mould when they are at a scheme or service and our contractors have regular toolbox talks with their operatives about damp and mould.

Our repairs teams have been reviewing our repairs data to help identify those properties that may need repair work to be carried out on them or homes where there could potentially be an issue with damp and mould.

We have set timescales for dealing with potential damp issues:

  • If we get a call about potential damp this is passed to our repair’s contractor – immediately
  • Our repairs contractor will attend the address to investigate and report back to Saha. – 5 Days
  • If an issue with damp or mould is found our repairs contractor will start to undertake works to fix the issue (if this is not identified as major works) – 10 days

As your landlord we will:

  • Ensure we provide and maintain dry, healthy homes for our tenants.
  • Focus on working in partnership with tenants ensuring that a safe and healthy internal environment is provided;
  • Undertake effective investigations and implement all reasonable remedial repair solutions and improvements to eradicate damp;
  • Ensure that tenants have access to and/or are provided with advice and guidance on managing and controlling condensation and mould.
  • Ensure that the fabric of Saha property is protected from deterioration and damage resulting from damp and condensation;
  • Utilise external funding available to support the investment in our housing stock, improve the EPC ratings and reduce the heating costs for residents.

If you suspect that you may have an issue with damp or mould in your home, please call us on 0800 970 6363 or email and we will call you to discuss your concerns.

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